Jupiter's Towers of Hell Wiki

Welcome to the Jupiter's Towers of Hell Wiki!

Welcome to the Jupiter's Towers of Hell Wiki! This is where you can find information about the towers in-game. As some rings require beating difficult towers (i.e Ring 3 requires 9 towers beaten), a little help on this wiki would be appreciated.

About Jupiter's Towers of Hell

Jupiter’s Tower of Hell is a ROBLOX game that is a revived version of Kiddie's Towers of Hell due to the old owner (Obrino, formerly ObrenTune/Kiddie_Cannon) shutting down the game. In it, you climb up increasingly hard towers in order to progress through the game's many worlds.

Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/2919924313/Jupiters-Towers-of-Hell

Game Updates

  • Ring 7 is going to be released shortly. The Christmas update is also in the works.