Jupiter's Towers of Hell Wiki

Remorseless is the Hardest difficulty that does not fall into the soul crushing category. In this difficulty you will see 9 stud wraps and sometimes 10 stud wraps and 12 stud jumps.

Towers in this difficulty

  1. Tower of True Skill
  2. Tower of Eternal Suffering
  3. Tower of Nonsensical Platforms
  4. Tower of Corrupted Nightmares
  5. Tower of Fractured Obstacles
  6. Citadel of Contrasting Regions
  7. Tower of Niflhiem
  8. Citadel of Scythe Recognition
  9. Tower of Extreme Hell
  10. Tower of Ultraviolet
  11. Tower of Really Nasty Ideas
  12. Tower of Extreme Dystopia
  13. Citadel of Peril
  14. Tower of Zespluz
  15. Tower of Great Displeasure
  16. Obelisk of Noob vengeance